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    Once you've found your ideal property, you can submit an expression of interest through our negotiation platform. The seller will then review this and can either accept, reject or submit a counter offer and then you will given the same options to negotiate further.

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    Once an expression of interest has been accepted, we'll generate the agreed terms of sale and email them to your solicitor to draft an official offer for signing.




    Your respective solicitors will coordinate the signing of the 'Sale and Purchase Agreement', the payment of the deposit and a settlement date. Once signed, it's time to celebrate! Congratulations!

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Why buy privately?

Because it's simple and saves you money!

When buying a property privately, you get to speak to the seller directly. Straight answers from the person who knows the property best. 

Buying privately means no commission, no commission means sellers have more room to negotiate... therefore everyone gets a better deal.

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We are a freemium service

Our additional services are able to be purchased individually, so you can decide which services you need to complete your property purchase and pay ONLY for the services you need. We partner with trusted industry professionals and bring you competitive rates for their qualified services.

Check out our opportunities for securing finance by speaking to our mortgage brokers, consider one of our partnered solicitors or get help with all the nitty gritty of moving house see our additional services page here!

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You should never send money to anyone directly other than your solicitor. No buyers or sellers should ask any person for any money directly. You should only pay the deposit or balance of the purchase price directly to your solicitor who will pass the money onto the seller when required. takes no responsibility for any money exchanged and you acknowledge that you utilise the services provided by at your own risk.

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