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The who, what and why.


Listed.co.nz is here to drag the NZ private property sale industry into the 21st century! Buyers find properties online and sellers advertise online, Listed connects the two and provides all the tools and services necessary for the private sale, from start, to settlement! There is no need for a middle-person charging commission and expensive marketing fees. Private sales have never been so simple!

Our story

The idea for Listed.co.nz has been in the pipeline since 2012 when Ryan found frustration in the process of buying his first house in London. Since moving back home to New Zealand to start a family, he realised the same issues and frustrations he faced with the process exist here too! While private sales are becoming more popular, they lack the tools and easy access to service providers that real estate agencies have. By bringing all those tools and services into one easy to access place… buying and selling your own property privately has never been simpler!

Who we are

We are an innovative private property sale portal connecting a community of buyers and sellers in the digital age. We enable you to get a better deal on your next property sale or purchase, with no commission and no expensive marketing fees.

What we do

We simplify the process. We connect buyers and sellers. We offer free advertising for sellers and free 'instant matching' for buyers. We offer both a free platform for negotiation. We provide buyers and sellers access to additional services at competitive rates, which you only pay for if you decide you need them! Check out our how we work for sellers and how we work for buyers pages for more detailed information.

Why choose us?

Join Listed.co.nz- you've got nothing to loose! Because we make private sales simple, with all the tools, services and information you will need from start to settlement. Because we don't charge commission or have expensive marketing fees. Because it's your property, your private sale or purchase and you should be able to choose the tools and services you need to complete your sale or purchase and pay only for these. Listed enables you to do just that! We are excited to have developed a new way of completing private property sales and genuinely hope we help people to save time and money by working with us.

Our team

The Listed.co.nz team is a tight knit collective of creative minds who are determined to steer the world of private property sales in a new direction!

The idea

“The idea for Listed came from the frustration I felt when looking to buy my first home. I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t able to speak to the owner directly. Every question I had was asked to someone who didn’t know the answer. I’d have to wait until they had time to ask the seller my question and get back to me. Often it took days for a simple ‘yes or no’ answer. I couldn’t understand why it was such a slow process, when everything else today is only a click of a button away...This made me want to rethink the process and how it could be made so much simpler...”

Ryan Rankin-Hirst (Founder)

Become one of Listed's trusted partners

We are actively seeking service providers who may be interested in offering their services through our platform. If you would like more information, please get in touch with us via the contact us form or emailing us at services@listed.co.nz

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